Mafia City: War of Underworld App Reviews

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Great game

This game is addicting.

Fun game!

Very engaging. Highly recommended.


Great good time great

Only 5 star for gold

I rate it 3 good game need more content for the casual player tho not just the pay to play players would probably get more money that way


This game is very addictive. And don’t need to spend your money to grow! It helps sometimes to add a little but not necessary. They make it so awesome to play with out pay 😃.

Fun game

Fun game, gives you complete control of your family leader, events are great you choose your own destiny

Good Fame

Good pass time


Nice game. Needs little better instructions


It’s an awesome game

good game

good game



Totally addictive

This game is an awesome game, it’s very adventurous and technical.



Still not getting my 200 gold 3rd time rating

Bussa nut Yeet


Muy bueno y todo, pero podrían ponerlo en Español?

Great game

So far i like haven’t been playing long but so far so good

very nice

cool can‘t believe that game is such funny…😂djnnnhgja. Really love




At first I was hesitant because it seem to cool to be true and gave it a shot and can’t stop playing it’s pretty good

Tony Batts

Good game

Great game

Love it




I’m playing this and is very fun I’m playing per hours and hours


Not bad reminds me of OG


I was offered 200 gold to leave a Review but as expected I didn’t get it... I’m getting as far as I can not spending real now starting to hit a brick wall from spending all the gold I have achieved on my own but now all kinds of offers to get goodies are if I Use “Real Money” to get farther in this game!!! I’m just about ready to quit for 2 reasons: #1 “Real Money” ads I am constantly bombarded with; #2 I still haven’t figured out how to use the soldiers I train or any part of buying land or a Yacht until I am level 10.... As I said, today may be my last time playing it’s too much to do w/real money purchases to get Farther in the game or a contest 😢😢😢

Good game

I play this game for hours.

Good game

Good game

Great game

Great game


This game is so addictive I couldn’t put it down

Good game


Good game

Is very good game, so far after a month of playing.

Cool game

This is a fun game to play!! I really enjoy playing this game..The graphics are really good!



Lots to do which is good (but some things dont make sense)

I gave this 5 stars to obtain 200 gold. In a way, the programmers deserve 5 stars because they created a game that has such a plethora of activities that one can forget to upgrade this and that, but initially the game does not make much sense to me. A mafia estate that has a casino in it. Is he going to gamble against himself? The mafia guy has so many types of points to accumulate it confuses the player...mafia skill points, mafia talent points, mafia learning points, mafia babe points...And what is an exchange centre? When I want to switch a shirt for a suit, I have enuf gold but not enuf 'check'. What is 'check'? Some of the words used in the game are not self-explanatory and leaves me scratching my head. And Christmas trees and a snowman in the mansion gardens? It seems that lilies are being gilded. On the whole tho, the game is interesting to play and does not force me to make purchases although the initial 0.99 pack would be useful. So I would continue playing. Zhang, Singapore.


لعبه رائعته


Great game

Cool game!!

Great game I'm gonna be the boss

Good game

I play a lot of games like this it’s one of my fav give it a try


Awesome game

ELA is the best clan in City 141

Blah blah blah yes this game is addicting. I Just wanted to let you guys know (ELA) Elite Assassins is the best Clan out there. We are the sexiest, come join us!


I like how the game is organize

Very Entertaining

I typically don’t like Games but this one blew my mind! 🤓

Fun game

Like all the options for upgrades

They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Love this game, going to be playing for awhile!

Soooo funnn

Great story line and strategy! And affordable in app purchases! Will continue playing for a long time!

Mafia City

Good game !! Can grow account well - Lots of fun hanging with good alliance !!


Nice games

Mafia family

Good game everyone wants to be a crime boss

Have to pay to have fun

This game is fun but only if you pay for the perks unless you are the type to wait for upgrades and geting something then this a five start game for you i just really hate that you have to wait days for something then you end up spend your own money but fun game

My opinion

Not sure yet on how I feel with this game. Some things not too sure of but all in all it’s okay!

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